If you can turn a wrench and a screwdriver, you can work on the 964.

This video series is designed to help Porsche 964 owners develop the skill and confidence to fix their vehicles. It's for the one who desires to dig deeper than just into the bottom of their pocket for their key, but into the heart of the machinery that ignites to life when that key is turned.

It's for the faint of heart…. when it comes to having the courage to roll up your sleeves and get dirt and grease under your finger nails. Pull back the shroud of mystery and doubt that keeps you from even thinking of attempting to perform your own maintenance and repairs.

It's about bringing your fear factor from a ten down to a zero. Demystifying diy books, blogs, and photos to seeing the work done by a non-mechanic, that provides guidance on 'how to' in high-quality, step-by-step videos. From a complete engine rebuild down to routine maintenance, you will begin to see your automotive skill fears fade and confidence grow.

Save money, maintain and fix your 964, and enjoy it for many years to come.